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Damian Wyldes

Damian Wyldes


Damian Wyldes is a bilingual singer/songwriter from El Paso, Texas. With a large spectrum of influences ranging from pop and rock to electro and dance. This is one artist definately to look out for!
He has worked with Vavy Lozano (2 time Latin Grammy nominated producer) and JJ Blair (2 time Grammy winning producer).
Prior to signing with Quark Records, Damian released “There It Goes” in 2008 which was released on the Warner Bros. soundtrack for the motion picture “The Utopian Society”.
In 2009, Damian released his independent effort, titled “The Hope Album” which was on Latin Scope Records.
In 2012, Damian worked in collaboration with Luxe front-man and producer, Steve Luxe for his debut album on Quark Records, titled “All the Long Good-byes”.
Damian is currently touring to support this release as well as writing new music for another release.


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