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Luxe is an electronic / organic pop hybrid hailing from the former steel mill city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Started in 1998, Luxe has evolved into it’s current state as a mainly electronic pop act with a flair for aural excess. They’ve quickly became a DJ staple world-wide.
Signed to New York City’s legendary Quark Records label in 2009, The band’s first single “Simple Attraction” from the album “Mirrorball” was released to international acclaim.
Not wanting to be pigeon-holed, Luxe has taken a few years to come up with a truly unique sound that blends electronica, shoe-gaze, and pop.
The band disbanded in January 2014, but not before leaving one last single titled, “Youthful” which was released late summer of 2013.
Steve Luxe went on to produce other acts, including Zyan’s solo projects.

In April 2016, Steve and Zyan decided to revive the Luxe moniker and record and perform in an yet again reinvention as an electronic pop duo.   Luxe new performances will be reimagined versions of the hits from the Mirrorball release as well as performances of the songs Zyan released as a solo artist.   The new shows however will still have the same energy and theatrics that Luxe has become known for.