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Zyan Luxe, best known for being the keyboardist for the internationally known band “LUXE“, has stepping out from the keys and into the spotlight!

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA,  Zyan Luxe was always into music as a child. From an early age, he was in love with entertaining people and being on stage. This passion was made into a reality when Zyan became a member of “LUXE” and performing live keyboards and background vocals.

Growing up, Zyan took piano lessons and played many instruments, such as trombone, tuba, and drums in school band, and sang in school choir.

Zyan teamed up as a live member of “Luxe” along with Ariq Luxe to round out the set already established by Steve Luxe and Ray Luxe.  Zyan toured and performed with LUXE in the promotion of their debut album “Mirrorball”.

While in production of the second album for LUXE, Zyan and Steve Luxe decided to embark on a side project, one in which Zyan stepped out from the keyboard and taking center stage. The purpose of this project was to experiment with other genres of music as well as have another arm to the LUXE brand. The result of this collaboration was Zyan’s first solo track “Powerless” which was released in 2013 to much acclaim.  The entire proceeds from his debut release was donated to charity.

When LUXE disbanded in 2014, Steve and Zyan went on to create the side project Bloodlily.

Steve Luxe has continued on as producer for Zyan’s solo material, which included his sophomore release, “Let’s Get Twisted“.   During the filming of the music video for Let’s Get Twisted, new friendships were formed, and the collaborative “Twisted Crew” was formed.  The “Twisted Crew” is the creative-collabrative group which works with Zyan.

Currently, Zyan’s is working on his third release, “Look Me In The Eye” which will be released as a single with remixes,  as well as working on new songs to be included in a 5 song EP to be released in 2015.

Zyan records and releases music on the same record label as LUXE, Quark Records and is distributed exclusively through Quarkette Music (BMI), and is managed by Quark Records.

Zyan Luxe is an (IMA) Independent Music Awards Artist as well as a donating member of (LARA) LGBT Academy of Recording Arts. 

Zyan’s charitable endeavors focus on bring attention to equal human rights, plant-based diets (veganism), and the importance of art education in public schools.

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