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House Music / NY Club (Singles)

QK-001 Blaze “Whatcha Gonna Do”
QK-002 Exit “Let’s Work It Out”
QK-003 Finchley Road “Infectious”
QK-004 Nina “Crazy Love”
QK-005 Jomanda “I’ll Give It To You”
QK-006 Blaze “If You Should Need A Friend”
QK-007 Phase II “Mystery”
QK-008 Jomanda “Driftin’ “
QK-009 Bou-Khan “Magic”
QK-010 Blaze “Can’t Win For Losin’ “
QK-011 The Mack feat. Tim Bryant “Escape”
QK-012 Bluejeans Regime “In My House”
QK-014 Bravo “Can’t Stop”
QK-015 The Mack feat. Kysia Bostic “I Want You (Badly)”
QK-016 Bravo “Life”
QK-018 Kimiesha Holmes “Love Me True”
QK-019 Finchley Road “Gimme The Music”
QK-020 Sheila “Love Kiss/Acid Kiss ” (Explicit)
QK-021 The Jason Load Experience feat. Iyona “Mainline”
QK-022 Bluejeans Regime “I Like”
QK-023 Shadows J “Hip This House”
QK-024 Love & Kisses feat. Izzy “Absolut House”
QK-026-A Larry Tee “What Am I Gonna Do”
QK-026-B Larry Tee “Love Machine”
QK-027 Sex-O-Matic “Wake Up (Smell The Pussy)”(Explicit)
QK-028 Laluna “Come To Me (Ven Aqui)”
QK-029 Quiet Storm feat. Melonya “Dreams”
QK-030-A Bou-Khan “Magic (Remix)”
QK-102 Tony Carbone “We Still Need The Music”
QK-115 Laurell “I’m For You”
QK-121 Vic Lavender “St. Tropez”
QK-122 Vic Lavender “Vaporized”
QK-125 Mark P. Adler Feat. Kira Semanas “Empty Heart” (REMIXES)
QK-133Tony Carbone “Real Love”
QK-142 Tony Carbone feat. Worldwide Sonny “Love’s Coming Back”
QK-163 Hillbilly House “Sleezy Lemonade b/w Chicago In My Soul”
QK-179 Tony Carbone feat. Lauren O’Keefe “Who’s Loving You”
QK-181 Hillbilly House “Say Goodbye”
QK-186 Hillbilly House “Lend A Hand To Me”

Specialty (Singles)

Genre: Childrens

QK-130 Sam Shaye “On My Way To School (The Pool Song)”

Genre: Seasonal/Holiday

QK-180 Lauren O’Keefe “About This Christmas”
QK-187 Michelle Hylan “Last Christmas”
QK-188 Michelle Hylan “Someone To Love This Christmas”
QK-190 Shauna Swansburg “American Christmas”
QK-191 Elle Wine “What Child Is This”
QK-192 DJ 8-8008 ft. Niki Cremmen “Away In A Manger”
QK-193 April Forrest “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”
QK-194 DJ 8-8008 ft. Jill Purpura “Angels We Have Heard On High”
QK-198 Jillian Ross “Christmas Jam”

Q-Rap Records (R&B/Rap)

division of Quark Records
QR-001 Steve D “The Destroyer” & C. Maximum “To The Maximum”

World/New Age/ Chill/Instrumental (Albums)

PTE-8506 Mark P. Adler “Forgotten Times”
QK100603 Mark P. Adler “Winds of Change”
QKCD-08-101004 Mark P. Adler “Quantum Leap”
QKCD-110 Mark P. Adler “Convergence”
QKCD-08-101003 Max DiFaz “Sunday Brunch”
QKCD-120 Gianluca Podio “Melodies” (Emergency Records/Quark Records)
QKCD-129 Mark P. Adler “Summer All Over Again”
QKCD-131 Patrick Geren “Orange Skies”
QKCD-132 Gianluca Podio “Peace” (Emergency Records/Quark Records)
QKCD-136 Patrick Geren “Slightly Night”
QKCD-138 Max DiFaz “Valletta”
QKCD-139 Mud Waffles “Walkabout”
QKCD-140 S7VEN “Above The Clouds”
QKCD-143 S7VEN “Drifting Solitude”
QKCD-146 Mark P. Adler “Malibu Breeze”
QKCD-147 Partick Geren “Chapter 3”
QKCD-149 S7VEN “A Comforting Thought”
QKCD-150 Patrick Geren “A Smaller Place”
QKCD-152 Luc St. Pliac “Setting Suns”
QKCD-159 Mark P. Adler “La Bido Noche”
QKCD-160 Gianluca Podio “Heavenly”
QKCD-162 Patrick Geren “Paint A Landscape”
QKCD-164 S7VEN “A Higher Atmosphere”
QKCD-166 Mark P. Adler “Let Me Fly”
QKCD-167 Patrick Geren “High Depth”
QKCD-168 Luc St. Pliac “Alternative Latitude”
QKCD-169 Mud Waffles “Primitive Species”
QKCD-170 Avaniti “Are You Here”
QKCD-171 Grok Oenn “Only A Whisper”
QKCD-172 Flatopus “Melancholy Monk”
QKCD-173 Shibuyo “Twilight Flight”
QKCD-174 Grok Oenn “Electrinicity”
QKCD-175 S7VEN “As Willows Weep”
QKCD-176 Tony Carbone “Hipnotic Nights”
QKCD-195 S7VEN “Radio Galaxy”

Sandy Hook Music

division of Quark Records

Genre: Electro/Dance

SHM-1 Mig & Rizzo ft. Ariana “Brand New World” (Sandy Hook Mix)

Genre: Pop/Rock

SHM-2 Tommy Mac “There I’ll Be”

Deep Haven Music ( Singles )

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DHM-1046 DJ Man-X / Miami Soul – Deeper things EP
DHM-1045 DJ Man X feat.Natasha Watts / Oh Yeah
DHM-1044 DJ Man-X feat. Don-e / All Over Again (The Remixes)
DHM-1042 Groove Assassin feat. Pete Simpson / More Than Enough
DHM-1041 DJ Man-X feat Don-e / All Over Again
DHM-1040 DJ Man-X feat. Sara Devine / All I Need Is You
DHM-1039 DJ Man-X & Vick Lavender feat. Shawnee Taylor / Happy Endings (The Remixes) (Incl. Frankie Feliciano, ReelSoul Mixes)
DHM-1038 DJ Man-X & Vick Lavender feat. Shawnee Taylor / Happy Endings
DHM-1037 DJ Man-X and Vick Lavender feat. Carla Prather / City High
DHM-1036 DJ Man-X & Albert Sterling Menendez feat. Blaze / Consequences (Incl. Blaze Mixes)
DHM-1035 Groove Assassin feat. Jean / Too Special
DHM-1034 DJ Man-X feat. Mario Inchausti / Take Me From You
DHM-1032 DJ Man X and Albert Sterling Menendez feat. Blaze / Love Can Change Your Heart
DHM-1030 Reelsoul feat. Stephanie Cooke / A Thousand Ways (Incl. Man-X & Groove Assassin’s Remix)
DHM-1029 DJ Man-X and Albert “Sterling” Menendez feat. Carolyn Harding / Heaven (Incl. Reelsoul Mixes)
DHM-1025 Manchildblack / Live 4 Love (Incl. Reelsoul & DJ Man-X Mixes)
DHM-1024 Sterling Ensemble feat. Mario Inchausti / Truth (I Know You Are Beautiful) (Incl. Man-X & Reel Soul Remix)
DHM-1023 Reelsoul feat. Damon / What Am I Suppose To Do
DHM-1022 The Temple Dynasty / Keep Rising
DHM-1021 DJ Man-X / Miami Soul
DHM-D6001 Scott Wozniak feat. Dirty Turk / My Light (Groove Assassins Jazz Remix)
DHM-D6001a Scott Wozniak feat. Dirty Turk / My Light
DHM-1021 Blvd. East / Mototronic
DHM-D1019 Carolyn Harding / Be With You (Incl. Blvd East Remix)
DHM-D1016b Dave Marcus / Freeze
DHM-D1016a Dave Marcus / Seven Unlimited
DHM-D1014 Sterling Ensemble feat. Mario Inchausti / Song & Rhyme
DHM-D1013 KT Brooks / Love
DHM-D1012 Big Brooklyn Red / All I Want
DHM-D1011b Eliza Neals / Surrender (Incl. Scott Wozniak Remix)
DHM-D1011a Eliza Neals / We’ll Be Together
DHM-D1010a Arnold Jarvis / Justified (Incl. Blvd East Remix)
DHM-D1009c Blvd. East / Siboney
DHM-D1009b Blvd East / Mojito
DHM-D1009a Blvd East / Havanna Blues
DHM-D1008a Scott Wozniak feat Dirty Turk / Your Unconscious Mind
DHM-D1006 Carolyn Harding / All Because of You (Incl. Scott Wozniack Remix)
DHM-D1003 KT Brooks / Joy
DHM1002 Rita Quintero / Quiero Saber (Blvd East & Sterling Ensemble Remixes)
DHM-D1001 Stephanie Renee / Fever
DHM-D1000 Big Brooklyn Red / He Moves

Deep Haven Music ( Full-Length )

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DHM-4000 DJ Man-X / Sunset Nights-Miami Beach

Refresh Records ( A division of Deep Haven Music )

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RF-1033 Scott Wozniak / Please & Dead End
RF-1031 Scott Wozniak / Sunshine & Un Amor
RF-D-1028 Scott Wozniak / Amnesia & Memory Full
RF-1027 Scott Wozniak / Anxiety / Above The Clouds
RF-1026 Scott Wozniak / Love & Life / Citadel